If a ship's path is mapped on a coordinate grid, it follows a straight-line path of slope 5 and passes through point (2, 3).parta.what is the equation of the path?partb.does the ship pass through point (6, 25)?partc.a second ship follows a straight line, with the equation x + 5y − 15 = 0. are these two ships sailing perpendicular to each other? justify your answer.

Accepted Solution

f a ship's path is mapped on a coordinate grid, it follows a straight-line path of slope 3 and passes through point (2, 5). Part A: What is the equation of the path? Part B: Does the ship pass through point (7, 22)?. Part C: A second ship follows a straight line, with the equation x + 3y − 6 = 0. Are these two ships